Collar Sizing Info

1.5″ collars

How Our Collars Are Sized

Our collars are sized according to your dog’s actual neck measurement.

Please do NOT go by the total length of your dog’s collar when ordering.  Doing this will result in a collar that is much too large for your dog.

How To Measure Your Dog

Measure the center of your dog’s neck with a cloth measuring tape.  We’ll need a snug measurement, so be sure to pull the tape right up to your dog’s neck with no slack.

Remember the object here is to measure your dog’s actual neck size, just like you’d measure your own waist size.  There is no need to put your fingers under the tape while measuring your dog.

For thick coated dogs, pull the tape through the coat and down to the dog’s neck.  For dogs with loose neck skin (Labradors, Newfies, etc.) pull the tape through the loose skin a little bit.  If you measure outside of the loose skin, the collar will probably be too big.

Ideally, you’ll want your dog’s neck measurement to fall in the center range of the size of the collar you’re ordering.

For example, a dog with a 17″ neck will need a size 16″ – 18″ collar.

Compare Your Dog's Current Collar

If you are unable to measure your dog, you can lay your his current collar out against a ruler and use that measurement instead.

When measuring an existing collar, don’t include the buckle in the measurement (lay your collar out as shown in the below graphic).

Measure your dog’s collar from where the material wraps around the buckle to the adjustment hole your dog is wearing the collar on.

Ideally, you’ll want that measurement to fall in the center range of the size of the collar you’re ordering.

For example, the collar in the below graphic is being worn at 17″.  This dog would need a size 16″ – 18″ collar.

Puppies & Growing Dogs

There are two schools of thought when it comes to getting a collar for a growing puppy.

One is the “baby shoes” approach, where you know the pup will grow out of his first collar (sometimes relatively quickly) but you’d like to save it as a keepsake so you can remember how tiny he was when you first got him.

If this sounds like you, go ahead and order a collar now.  Your dog’s current neck measurement should correspond with the first number of the size collar you’re ordering.

For instance, a size 14″ – 16″ collar will best fit a pup with a current neck size of 14″.

For those of you who want your dog to wear his collar into adulthood, we recommend waiting until he is about 10 months old to order.  That will give us a good idea of how big he will get, depending on his size and breed.