Leather Combo Leash


Our Combo Leash is a basic leash and slip lead in one.  Handcrafted out of our signature English bridle leather with solid brass hardware.

Hook the clasp to the O-ring on the body of the leash to create a slip lead.  Hook the clasp to the O-ring on the handle to sling it across your body when your dog is off lead.

3/8″ width : our daintiest version, good for those who want a very thin lead
1/2″ width :  a standard width for a slip lead
5/8″ width : good for most dogs over 40 lbs.
3/4″ width : for large breed dogs



A simple, classic leather leash for dogs of all sizes.  Choose your own width, length, hardware and leather colors. Handcrafted at the California Collar Co. workshop in Los Angeles and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

3/8″ width : Designed mainly for toy breed dogs, definitely our daintiest leash.

1/2″ width : Designed to be used with our 5/8″ collars.  Can also be used by those looking for a lightweight leash for larger dogs.

5/8″ width : Designed to be used with our 5/8″ and 3/4″ collars.  This is also a good option for larger dogs with good leash manners.

3/4″ width : Designed to be used with our 1″ and wider collars.  A good strong leash in a width that feels comfortable in the hand.

1″ width : For stronger large breed dogs only. Keep in mind that leather leashes are much heavier than the nylon leashes you’ll find in pet stores.

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Weight .6 lbs


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