Collar Sizing Info

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How Our Collars Are Sized

Our collars are sized according to your dog’s actual neck measurement.

For example, a size 7″ – 8″ collar will best fit a dog with an actual neck measurement of 7″ – 8″.

How To Measure Your Dog

Measure the center of your dog’s neck with a cloth measuring tape.  We’ll need a snug measurement, so be sure to pull the tape right up to your dog’s neck with no slack.

Remember the object here is to measure your dog’s actual neck size.  There’s no need to put your fingers under the tape while measuring your dog.

Compare Your Dog's Current Collar

Sometimes getting an accurate neck measurement from your dog just isn’t possible.

If that’s the case, you can lay your dog’s current collar out against a ruler and use that measurement instead.

When measuring an existing collar, don’t include the buckle in the measurement (start at the red arrow in the below graphic).

Measure your dog’s collar from the red arrow to the adjustment hole your dog is wearing the collar on.  You’ll choose a size based on that measurement.

For example, a dog who wears his collar anywhere between 7″ – 8″ will need a size 7″ – 8″ collar.

A dog who wears his collar between 8″ – 9″ will need a size 8″ – 9″ collar, and so on.