Our Original Muse

California Collar Co. started with the adoption of a very special Pit Bull named Mija.

Having been neglected and very poorly socialized, Mija had no idea how to cope with the outside world.  She had spent her formative years living on a chain and was pretty sure she had to fight every dog she saw.

After being turned down by several trainers, we were able to find a behaviorist who was willing to work with Mija.  He helped us understand the mind of a genetically aggressive dog and showed us what we needed to do to reach our troubled pup.  The task seemed insurmountable but we felt that Mija deserved a shot at a good life, no matter what.

It’s been a long and sometimes very difficult road but we wouldn’t trade our experience with Mija for the world.  She’s taught us so much more than we ever thought possible and inspired us to create a business that we love.  But most importantly Mija taught us that although you may not always get the dog you want, you’ll always get the dog you need.


2004 – 2018