This leash matches both our “Artemis” and “Lola” leather dog collars.  You have your choice of natural semi-precious gemstones or genuine Swarovski crystals for this design.  A lambskin lining can be added to the handle of the 3/4″ and 1″ versions.

1/2″ width :  for small breed dogs
5/8″ width : for small to medium breed dogs
3/4″ width : for medium to large breed dogs
1″ width : for very strong dogs only

LEASH SHOWN IN:  Mahogany / Brass / Peridot & Tanzanite Crystals

leather color chart
lining color chart
gemstone color chart
swarovski color chart


Crystal / Gemstone Color

Lined Handle? (3/4" and 1" widths only)

Other Notes


Build a custom leash to match your collar.  Choose your own width, length, hardware and leather colors. Handcrafted at the California Collar Co. workshop in Los Angeles and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

3/8″ width : Designed mainly for toy breed dogs, definitely our daintiest leash.

1/2″ width : Designed to be used with our 5/8″ collars.  Can also be used by those looking for a lightweight leash for larger dogs.

5/8″ width : Designed to be used with our 5/8″ and 3/4″ collars.  This is also a good option for larger dogs with good leash manners.

3/4″ width : Designed to be used with our 1″ and wider collars.  A good strong leash in a width that feels comfortable in the hand.

1″ width : For stronger large breed dogs only. Keep in mind that leather leashes are much heavier than the nylon leashes you’ll find in pet stores.

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Weight .5 lbs